Spills, grease, dirt, dropped objects, foot and vehicular traffic are all factors that can damage industrial or commercial flooring. There are several options for coating your floors but few compare to polyaspartic coatings.

Protection through Resistance

Durability and aesthetics are the main considerations for most businesses when it comes to floor coatings. However, there is a lot to be said for cleanability and lifecycle. If you want floor coating that stands the test against chemicals, spillages, moderate damage, and higher temps, polyaspartic coatings are worth the investment. There is no need for regular waxing or resurfacing with polyaspartic coatings, and are suitable for use on outdoor surfaces.

Installation Time & Method

One of the reasons that polyaspartic coatings are so popular on most industrials and crucial service providers is due to quick and minimally invasive installation. While there is some disruption involved, downtime is next to negligible. Another consideration is that there is practically zero VOC production from polyaspartic coatings, making them safe for the environment and health.

Versatile Applications

Most industries want to create a particular aesthetic. Polyaspartic coatings are flexible in this regard with decorative customization as an option. There are a range of designs available including quartz effect, branded color schemes, and much more.

In addition to the aesthetic customization, you get with polyaspartic coatings, industry or business-specific elements are achievable. If your business experiences high foot traffic where there is a risk of spills, skid, or slip-resistant is another potential modification. The customization of polyaspartic coatings does not have to apply uniformly throughout your premises. Tailored solutions are applied onsite according to exact requirements.

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