A Wide Array Of Epoxy Finishes

Applying epoxy to hard surface flooring can prolong the life of a floor by sealing it and protecting it from the elements.  The final product is a hard, sturdy material suitable for various flooring applications. Because of an epoxied surface’s waterproof and dirt resistant properties, these floors work especially well in high traffic areas, such as garages, kitchens, and family rooms. When the floors do get messy, cleanup is a breeze.  Epoxied floors are also great for individuals who suffer from allergies, because the surface cannot harbor allergens.

Epoxy floor coating has been around for quite some time in a commercial and industrial settings. This is in part, because of its affordability and incredible sturdiness. Now, thanks to the wide array of finishes readily available, epoxy coatings have become a stylized look that many residential consumers are turning to, when desiring to create beautiful, one-of-a kind floors in their homes or garages.

Depending on the look you’re going for, epoxy resin can be mixed with many different materials, in various colors and finishes. Epoxy looks amazing in household kitchens, dining rooms, basements, family rooms, and garages. Basically, any high-traffic area or place where easy clean-up can be important. Here are some of the finishes you can incorporate:

  • Metallic Floors

  • Flake floors

  • Quartz floors

  • Acid stain

  • Dye stain

  • Custom logos


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