Alamtal Flooring’s Own Polyaspartic Floor Product

A new player on the scene, polyaspartic resin coatings are making waves, thanks to their faster dry times, temperature stability, and crystal-clear finish. Slightly different from their epoxy counterpart, these new coatings offer bubble-free finish (even in high humidity), and UV stability that will never yellow. It’s perfect for all the places you’d consider putting an epoxy coating down too:  kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, stores, and more.

Our Polyaspartic floors with ColorFlakes are extremely safe, economical, and even renewable with a quick resand and fresh topcoat. Thanks to their superior chemical and abrasion resistance, there isn’t much that will damage these durable floors! As an added bonus, they provide a surface that deadens noise and foot traffic in a way concrete alone cannot.

Customize With Color Flakes

Polyaspartic floors have the tendency to be slippery when wet, so a top aggregate is recommended to add texture to the floor.   One top aggregate we commonly utilize is ColorFlakes—often referred to as flakes or chips. ColorFlakes have random shapes and sizes, making them a beautiful addition to our polyaspartic resin while helping add more grip to the walking surface.   ColorFlakes are available in more than 150 colors and 6 sizes, and can be blended to your individual specifications. No matter what your décor, we can match and customize, with ColorFlakes, to perfection.

Color Palettes:

You can utilize our polyaspartic resin coated flooring with added ColorFlakes in the following applications:

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Institutional

  • Residential


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Have you decided to give our polyaspartic coating with ColorFlakes a try? Want to learn more to finalize your decision? Give us a call at (763) 760-3659 or reach out by email at and we’ll get in touch right away. If you’re ready for a quote, be sure to include details about your project. We look forward to discussing the benefits and choices available for your new polyaspartic floor.