Spring is here! It’s time to de-clutter your garage and return its functionality. Understandably, you have been piling everything in the garage all winter. Who likes dealing with boxes and storage when there’s all that snow on the ground?

De-clutter, Organize & Resurface

We use the garage almost as much as any other room in the house, so why is it always so cluttered? Half of all homeowners name the garage as the most cluttered of any area of the house. So much so, in fact, that we often can’t even park in the garage, despite that being its primary purpose. Once that’s done, there are loads of luxurious options for garage floor coatings. Not only will it be much easier to clean than a concrete surface that drinks up oil and grease and leaves a nasty-looking stain, but a concrete coating will also look fabulous.

Why Now?

Spring is an excellent time to get the garage organized and the floor resurfaced. If you put it off, there will be summer barbecues, softball and the kids’ little league and fastpitch games to go to — and you still won’t be able to park in your garage.

First, Organize the Garage

Take this weekend and get it done. The first thing you’ll need to do is get everything up off the floor. Look at what needs to be done and assign tasks for family members to complete. Playing some music might make the job go quicker, unless you can’t agree on what to play.
Now, decide what to keep and what to throw. If you have enough you don’t want to keep, why not have a garage sale? It’s like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Hang some shelves and wall hooks for the things your family uses often, such as tools, sports and cleaning equipment. If you haven’t used it in years, put it in the garage sale.

Make That Floor Fabulous

Garage floor resurfacing is not new, and it will keep your garage floor looking great for the life of your garage. Plus, it can help your family stay healthier because your garage floor will be easy to clean. Oil and grease will no longer seep into the floors; mold and mildew will no longer be an issue.

Many new customers wonder which is better, epoxy or polyaspartic floors. Polyaspartic floors add effects that allow for more grip and fewer slips. Our color-flakes process adds a nonslip finish that still looks great, like its epoxy counterpart. What’s more, this new garage floor resurfacing procedure is economical, safe, renewable and comes in around 150 colors.

Get a Great Garage Floor from Alamtal Flooring

We have many unique garage floor surfaces to choose from, so give us a call and let our MN technicians explain the benefits of each, and we can provide you with an estimate.  Reach out today for a no-obligation, free quote.