Get Your Man Cave Floor Gameday Ready Alamtal Flooring

Football’s back! Is your man cave ready for all the action? If your man cave’s looking a little tired, it’s time to get your Twin Cities man cave floor gameday ready with a polyaspartic floor from Alamtal Flooring.

Choosing Your Man Cave Floor

Choosing the right flooring for your man cave is all about matching the material to your intended use. If all you do in your man cave is sit back in the recliner and watch the game on TV, then carpet or hardwood may be a good choice. But if your man cave doubles as your gym, pool hall, bar, workshop, and garage, then you need a flooring material that can stand up to abuse. Bonus points for designing a floor that showcases your favorite team’s colors.

Polyaspartic Flooring for Man Caves

If your man cave is in your garage, your basement, or another space with a raw concrete floor, a polyaspartic floor is a great choice. Polyaspartic floors look similar to epoxy floors, but are harder wearing, cure faster, and can be applied in a wider range of temperatures. Polyaspartic flooring is what’s used to protect concrete and provide safe walkways on bridges, piers, and railcars, so it can certainly stand up to whatever you and your buddies throw down. Plus, you can typically walk on a polyaspartic floor in just 2 hours and park a car on the floor in just 24 hours, cutting curing time in half compared to an epoxy floor. Installation typically takes just one day.

Another plus to polyaspartic flooring is that it is highly customizable. You get to choose your flake colors so your floor matches the vibe you’re trying to create in your man cave. Fan of the Vikings? Go for purple and gold flakes in your polyaspartic flooring. Love the Twins? Choose red and navy flakes instead. Alamtal Flooring can special order the color combinations of the most popular professional sports teams to make choosing your flooring color a breeze.

Get Started on Your Man Cave Floor

Getting started on your man cave floor project is easy with Alamtal Flooring. Our team has the know-how to help you choose the perfect polyaspartic floor for your man cave. Our professional crew will install your floor to your specifications so you can be ready for gameday. Schedule in the next 30 days to make sure your floor gets done before the end of the regular season.

Call or contact us today to get a free quote on your flooring project and get on our schedule.