Tile flooring is an attractive option for several reasons. Tiles come in a range of designs and are easy to install. If you choose a quality product, durability is also a benefit. So, it makes sense that choosing tiles would be an attractive option. However, there are downsides to opting for tiles over an epoxy floor coating.


If tiles are grouted, there is always the challenge of keeping them clean. Tiles with an integral design or raised surfaces will also present problems when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of the floor. This is especially important for busy parking lots. Epoxy, on the other hand, is smooth and easy to clean.

You can purchase floor tiles that are seamless and treated for easier cleaning. The only issue here is the cost of installing the floor that you want in an area that experiences heavy traffic. The more robust and well-engineered the tile, the higher the likely cost. Epoxy offers a clean and affordable alternative for coating concrete floors.


Again, the argument of durability boils down to how much you invest in your tile floor. Cheaper tiles will obviously not fare well in a parking lot that deals with a large volume of vehicles. Epoxy concrete coating is essentially designed for this type of MN environment.

An epoxy-treated surface can withstand the weight of most vehicles and is easy to clean when grease, spilled drinks or oil affect the appearance of the surface. When you choose epoxy coating, you get a long-lasting alternative to traditional floor materials such as wood and tiles.

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