Flooring For Investment Properties Alamtal Flooring

Whether you own a single residential investment property or manage a portfolio of several properties, making smart decisions that are attractive to tenants and easy on your budget is key. Here are a few economical and durable flooring choices for investment properties that you may want to install at your properties.

Before we dive into the list, however, consider the main objectives of choosing flooring for your investment property. You should look for flooring that is low-maintenance, long-lasting, attractive, and affordable. All of the flooring options on this list meet those requirements, but only one is a great choice for basements and garages.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is an increasingly popular indoor flooring choice for investment properties. It is easy to install yourself, resistant to water and stains, and available in a range of surfaces and finishes, including hardwood, stone, and tile lookalikes. LVT is comfortable underfoot and can be installed over most subfloors. Per square foot, it is an affordable option compared to hardwoods, tile, and some carpeting.


Carpet is a classic choice for investment property flooring. It’s inexpensive and fast to install. Some property owners choose the least expensive carpet option, but that just means they’ll be replacing the carpet more often. This is especially true if installed in high-traffic areas. Plus, you’ll need to deep clean it every year or so to keep it dust and stink-free.


Tile is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. Newer products can give you the look of hardwood or stone without the price tag. However, tile is also expensive to install and can be unforgiving to stand on (or drop dishes on). And while tile cleans up nicely, grout is another story. Grimy grout can be a turn-off for tenants.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

We’ll be candid—polyaspartic floor coating probably has the largest up-front investment of the options on this list. But none of the other flooring choices for investment properties come close to polyaspartic floor coating’s durability or lifespan. Once installed, polyaspartic floor coating creates a permanent bond with concrete, resulting in a floor that will last decades, not years. It’s virtually maintenance-free and color flakes make the floor coating a beautiful option that attracts tenants, especially gearheads or larger families that are looking for functional basement living space. If you’re looking for a way to protect the concrete floors of your investment properties, including the garage and basement, polyaspartic flooring is an excellent option for you.

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